Are You A Movie Freak?

Ah, the magic of the movies. The action! The glamor! The LOLs! Such silver screen sorcery deserves to be played out in epic proportions, right? So it's time to level-up your viewing experience with the LED Mini Projector™
Simply connect the LED Mini Projector™ to your laptop or any other device to immerse yourself in enhanced audio/visual pleasure literally anywhere. It's teensy enough to fit in your pocket but powerful enough to display a 60-inch screen of *OMG* HD entertainment.

 Movie theater prices are at an all-time high! You pay a high cost for tickets, snacks, gas, parking and more. By the time you leave, your wallet might be empty.

Now you can get an awesome movie experience at home, for free. Introducing the Tiny Projector: The movie theater that fits in your pocket!

Make today your last day having to hunch over laptop screen when you can relax and watch anything with ease!


  • Compact & Portable: 5 x 3.4 x 1.8 inches and 6oz (12.7 x 8.6 x 4.6 cm and 170gm)
  • Projection Distance: 0.8 - 2 m
  • NeverDieLamp: 30.000 hours of lamp life
  • Outdoor use: Can be powered from just a power bank. Perfect for camping, business meeting and travels
  • Harmless LED light: The American Bridgelux LED light is harmless for the eye and has a very small power consumption.